Development Plan

Since the end of the 19th century there are a lot of efforts, to find ways to deal with over boarding data and division of labour. The way the Polylogue Project wants to go is to find possibilities of synergies. With the help of the society „Polylogue Centre“ new basic conditions shall be developed for a cooperation of artists, scientists, scholars and all sorts of knowledge producers.

Purpose of this non-profit organization is to support languages, literatures, the arts, cultures, science, research and all sorts of knowledge productions with Polylogue Events (Agora, Conferences Projects etc.) in Vienna. This does not mean, that it is possible to apply to the Polylogue Centre for money, but to participate at its projects.

The Polylogue Centre Cultural Sciences (see about the term „science“ and not „studies“ the argumentation of the World Conferences since 1999) was established as a society on 26 September 2014. On 13 October came the decision from the authority to start with the activities. Since 27 April 2015 a new name is in usage: „Polylogue Centre for the arts, cultures, science and societies“.

My attempt to organize after 8 World Conferences 2017 in Vienna a Polylogue Forum did not bring until April 2016 enough money to finance this project in the way it is planed. The Polylogue Centre came up with a new schedule and took new steps, which shall be successful. But it is clear, that for the usage of violence, there is immediately money on the way, but not for the cultural transnational co operations.

One way to establish the Polylogue Centre with enough budget seems to be by now to come up also with different aspects. This start page shall inform about the attempt.

Wiss.Dir.Dr. Herbert Arlt