Organization/ Events

The background of the Polylogue Project are 8 World Conferences (Start: 1999 in UNESCO Headquarters in Paris) and about 10.000 project participants in more than 100 countries.

The preparation committee is a group of more than 100 scientists, scholars, artists. The schedule of the organization of the Polylogue Forum is to establish the project as an EU project in October 2016. 2018 shall be the first preparation conference with about 1.500 participants, who will organize the section/ working groups. 2019 shall be the first Polylogue Forum with about 25.000 from about 190 countries. The establishing of the Polylogue Centre shall be in 2020.

The start of the project as project was to publish the Homepage. The first presentation of the project was on 16 April 2016 within a conference, which was organized from Univ.Prof.Dr. Alexander Kholod and Anna Kholod. A first information exhibition shall open in May 2017.